Tape can get you cash rebates, free tape heads, spare parts kits, and more.

Accelerate your 3M-Matic™ ROI while saving on your tape purchases in just two easy steps! 

Sign a 3M Systems Tape Agreement to purchase 3M Box Sealing Tape over the course of just 1 year.

☑ There's no need to purchase or stock entire pallet(s) at once.

☑ The more tape on an agreement, the more benefits you'll receive.

☑ You'll get our best bulk pricing.

☑ Support from a 3M Strategic Distributor (that's us!)

Choose the reward that's right for you.

⬜ Cash Rebate from 3M 

When you purchase a new 3M-Matic™ case sealer, along with signing a 3M Systems Tape Agreement, you'll receive a cash rebate based on the machine and tape purchased.

⬜ Spare Parts Kit OR Credit Vouchers on Future Spare Parts Orders

⬜ AccuGlide™ Tape Head 

*Note: Typically 2 pallets are required for this selection, or 1 pallet of select tape such as 3M™ Scotch® 313.

Want a Rebate + Spare Parts or a Tape Head?

⬜ That's no problem.  We'll work with 3M to arrange your reward in a way that best suites you.

Are You Purchasing Hand-Grade Tape?

⬜ Get a free case of quality 3M hand-grade tape dispensers!

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